Verizon Wireless Agreement

Thanks for the election of Verizon. In this customer agreement (“Agreement”), you will find important information about your wireless service, including: you may be able to transfer or “carry” your wireless phone number to another mobile operator. If you wear one of our numbers, we will treat it as if you asked us to cancel your service for this number. Once the porting is complete, you cannot use our service for this number, but you remain responsible for all charges and charges until the end of this billing cycle, just like any other cancellation. If you are a prepaid customer, you are not entitled to a refund of a balance in your account. If you send us a number, please note that we cannot provide certain services immediately, such as. B 911 location services. You have no right to your wireless phone number, except for any rights you may have to carry. Once a service line has been separated, the separate mobile phone number (MTN) cannot be stopped or otherwise booked for any reason and may not be restored. Your terms of service are part of this agreement. Your plan includes your monthly allowances and the functions in which you can use them (your “coverage area”), as well as your monthly, salary and usage expenses. You can also subscribe to several optional services, such as .

B international service plans or device protection services. Together, your plan, the features you use and all the optional services you select are your service. Your billing and shipping addresses, as well as your primary location, must be located in areas that verizon owns and operates. The current version of this agreement and the terms and conditions of your service are available online at A description of the authorized and prohibited uses of data calls and services is available online at; Prepaid customers should visit If you are a prepaid customer and we send you messages, they will be immediately considered received if we send them to your wireless device or an email you have given us, or if we publish them as a precall notification about your service, or after three days if we send them to the most up-to-date address we have for you. If you need to send us messages, please send them to the prepaid customer service address at If you purchased a device with a monthly contract with a temperament and you terminate the service, you should check this agreement to determine if you need to pay the balance immediately. Your wireless device must comply with Federal Communications Commission rules, certified for use on our network and compatible with your service.