Voluntary Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement

No no. The platform only offers the possibility of voluntary cancellation. The termination of the ERC comes after the payment transaction is confirmed by the payment system (PayPal) or by you (in case of bank transfer). The completion of the voluntary cancellation procedure and the delivery of the withdrawal certificate should take a maximum of 2 working days. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the flexible mechanisms that industrialized countries can use to achieve their goals under the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The HOM allows for the implementation of projects that avoid or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. For every tonne of emissions eliminated or avoided, the CDM issues an ERC subject to an international verification process. Yes, yes. If you are 18 years of age or older, you can purchase CER cancellation on the platform as an individual or representative of your organization. However, it is not possible to take back ownership of CERs offered on the platform by another provider. In a kind of compromise, a buyer of emission credits pays cash for the right to emit more than the CO2 assigned by the Kyoto Protocol, and the seller receives cash for the obligation to produce less CO2. To implement this agreement, both parties must sign an ERPA document. The platform is configured to issue the certificate on behalf of the buyer.

If you register as a company user or enter a company address, the company name appears on the certificate. Watch the first line in the address field in the second output screen. The name in this first line appears on the certificate. You can edit this first line directly in the output screen using the sign next to the address field. Use the “Show Certificate Preview” option (on the same cash screen) to see what your final certificate will look like. Yes, yes. You will receive a digital certificate (a certificate) of voluntary purchase of CERs at the email address you have listed on the platform. This certificate indicates the name of the recipient to whom the certificate is presented and the reason for the compensation.

The certificate is sent within 2 business days of closing the purchase. Can I indicate if my project is Gold certified or other voluntary standards? Anyone aged 18 and over can purchase ceRs termination on the platform as a private person or representative of an organization. Would it be possible to do a background review of the buyer for “do you know your customers” purposes? UN-certified offsets, also known as Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) or CO2 Credits, are generated from CDM projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a variety of methods. These projects can, among other things: The platform is a channel to offer your REBs to the general public.