Pillow-Top vs. Euro-Top Mattress: Comparison

Pillow top and Euro-top beds were designed to offer users a luxurious while supportive mattress; however, what is the distinction between the Pillow top and Euro top? Both Pillow top and Euro-top beds include an extra layer of padding to enhance comfort. However, the way this layer is applied varies, resulting in a slight difference in feel and look. Pillow tops, for instance, are smoother, whereas Euro tops are more streamlined. After going through both mattress ratings and reviews by customers, we’ll keep comparing Pillow top and Euro-top beds to see how they differ in terms of advantages, features, and downsides.

What Is a Pillow Top Bed?

Pillow tops are made of an additional layer of cushioning that is stitched straight to the edge of the bedsheet. The stitching that connects the additional sheet to the bed pad is positioned immediately on each mattress side. As a result, the pillow top’s borders are not precisely aligned with the borders of the natural mattress. This kind of construction leaves a V-shaped depression and a small gap between the extra covering and the bed’s surface. While you can’t see it, remember a large pillow lying on the head of your mattress, thus the term pillow top. Let’s explore the disadvantages and advantages of a pillowtop bed.

The Disadvantages of a Pillow Top Bed

  • Although innerspring beds are considered flexible, adding an upper surface of the cushion, cotton, and fiberfill can reduce ventilation, resulting in a warmer resting temperature than imagined.

The Advantages of a Pillow Top Bed

  • Pillow toppers may significantly enhance an innerspring bed’s smoothness and shaping properties.
  • The additional layer acts as a border between the spring support base and the sleepers, thereby minimizing motion transmission.
  • Pillow top beds provide cushioning and pressure relief without compromising the stability of an innerspring mattress. This improves spine posture while dispersing body weight, preventing and alleviating back discomfort.

What Exactly Is a Euro Top Bed?

Since they contain extra padding to increase softness, euro top beds are essentially a kind of pillowtop bed. They vary from conventional pillow tops. The additional sheet of cushioning is stitched under the bed cover instead of on top of this one. The quality of a Euro top aligns the comfortable surface with the bed’s edges, giving a layered and unified look. It also removes V-shaped depression or the gap seen in traditional pillow toppers between the additional layer and bed protector. We shall go through the disadvantages and advantages of a Euro top bed in detail below.

The Downsides of a Euro Top Bed

  • Euro toppers sit under the bed sheet, over the other sections of the bed. Such layers support the extra padding, which may occasionally prohibit a Euro top from shaping as well as a pillow top.
  • The modern structure improves endurance and aesthetics, leading to a greater price range over pillow toppers.

The Advantages of a Euro Top Bed

  • Since Euro tops are sewn under the bed cover, there’s no space and v-shaped depression to sink deeper into, resembling pillow tops.
  • Euro tops are more held by the bed’s base layers since they rest squarely on the front of them, allowing them to be lower prone to move out of position.